Skruer for bruk med LGSF

Our company delivers premium-class self-tapping of the manufacturer ITW BUILDEX (Australia), which has excellent anti-corrosion and reliable technical features and wide functionality. We recommend that you carefully choose the fastening systems for assembling and assembling LPK constructions. It’s really not worth saving with cheap and low-quality self-tapping. For the assembly and finishing of LPK constructions we recommend the following self-tapping:

Flat Head Teks Fine Thread 5.0

For overlay and roof assemblies

Dimensions: 5.0mm/32/16mm

Product nr.: 6-311-0845-5CC

Technical review

Price: 17 EUR/1000 pcs.

Flat Head Teks 5.5

For overlay and roof assemblies

Dimensions: 5.5mm/16/20mm

Product nr.: 6-311-0710-1CC

Technical review

Price: 25 EUR/1000 pcs.

EziCoat Teks 6.0

For overlay and roof assemblies

Dimensions: 6.0mm/32/18mm

Product nr.: 6-371-0005-5MP

Technical review

Price: 32 EUR/1000 each.


For assembling OSB/Wood composite panels

Dimensions: 4.8mm/16/40mm

Product nr.: 6-321-0057-9CC

Technical review

Price: 25 EUR/1000 pcs.