Design and engineering of a new buildings and conversion to LGSF


We work on a hi-tech and innovative machines


Steel frame assembly is interesting, easy and very fast


Light Gauge Steel Frame is the best solutions for energy-effective buildings

We offer

Roof trusses

Floor trusses

Wall panels

Screws for LGSF

Ease of

This light structure could be placed on a lightweight and consequently cheaper foundation. The LGSF allows placement on a light strip foundation. Due to the light weight of a structure, this technology could be used both to reconstruct and superstruct existing buildings

Quick, Easy and Precise Installation

Each element of a frame is individually marked. Frame erection could be compared with playing the Erector construction set. 3-4 installers could frame a 150- 200 sq. m house structure in 2-4 days. The only tool to be used for installation is a screwdriver. Quick installation enables our clients to reduce their timing budgets rationally.

Elimination of Lifting Equipment Costs.

Light Gauge Steel Framing could be installed without crane or other heavy lifting equipment. All elements of a frame: walls, floorings, frame of roof are assembled, transferred and installed manually. It’s relevant in case of limited space on a construction site required for heavy cranes or inconvenient access to the site.

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